Designed by a Fire Fighter, for Fire Fighters, learn more about our story.

What is RollOut Bedding?

RollOut Bedding is a compact sleep system with a hygiene barrier, that rolls easily into itself for quick deployment!

Originally geared for Firefighters / EMS in 2009, now available for all State/Gov’t Emergency Operations, ER Physicians, Sports Training, Facilities, RV, Camps/ Campers, Sports Training Facilities, & College- ANYONE on the GO!

RollOut Bedding products features:

> A built in HYGIENE barrier to protect you from the unknown.
> It rolls up quickly, stays “made” and doesn’t bunch up, or twist around.
> A unique design ensuring your RollOut bedding is always made and ready for rest.
> Easy to clean and machine washable.
> Gear bag with strap for your bedroll, pillow and overnight supplies.